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milling around here at at&t park, which is about eight or nine blocks away from market street. but they decided to come here and kind of hang out here at at&t park. right now the stadium sits quiet and majestic behind me. but you remember how loud it gets during the play-off games. well, it was just as loud in the parade route. [ cheering ] they lined market street six deep in some place, all to get a glimpse of and thank their favorite players. who do you want to see? >> pablo. >> why pablo? >> he the best in the world. >> reporter: some waited up to seven hours to get a front row look at those favorite players. and there they came. one by one, the men in orange and black received their hero's welcome for bringing home the trophy. and the roars did not go unnoticed. >> pretty amazing to see all these people come out and support us. >> this is a fairy tale comeback story for the giants, baby!
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>> the comeback team, the gigantes! >> reporter: the roars continued for an hour and a half as the giants and their raucous fans took over the streets of san francisco. and there has been a long line behind me also at the giants dugout store here at the ballpark. they've been there all afternoon, ready to get their giants memorabilia. i did ask during the parade giants general manager brian sabean when he starts getting ready for next year. he told me he started yesterday. live at at&t park, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area. >> not surprising coming from brian sabean. all the fans getting a unique glimpse of their favorite players. laurence scott with us and joins us also from san francisco. laurence, you talked to almost every player during this parade. what stood out for you? and even more importantly, how did this compare to the world series parade of 2010? >> reporter: very good question,
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raj. here is exactly what stood out, how appreciative the players were to see and experience this whole thing with the fans. in 2010 it was a celebration of the giants players. this time around it's a celebration in the city for a team that really came together and did the unthinkable. they wouldn't be eliminated. they wouldn't say die. and now they got to share this wonderful experience with the fans here in san francisco. we talked to a lot of guys. let's start with buster posey. >> the second time around has to be even more sweet, given everything that has gone on for this team and for you to make it back here this year again. >> it was unbelievable. i think you're right. a second time -- it's hard to compare the two. but man, this is unbelievable. it's just so much fun. these fans come out all yearlong. it's great to celebrate with them. >> this is everything we worked for. this is it. this is it. left and right, all season long, this is what they deserve as well. this is the outcome.
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look the at the way the city gets together, everything about it. this is really what it's about. >> all your years in baseball and waiting for a moment like this. it's tremendous. >> it's unbelievable, man. i mean this is crazy. look around. signs everywhere. and just so proud we made so many people, you know, happy. and, you know, this is pretty much what you live for. >> you look around and see all the people out here, fans, the guys. i'm just a part of the organization right now. this is special for the city, i think. >> reporter: and how proud of this team are you, the way that they came together? overcoming all the adversity, wouldn't be eliminated. >> a lot of life lessons. they're as good as people as they are baseball players. in fact they're great people. so great things happen to great people. >> this makes you go back to the off-season and work harder for this. this is worth it. this is a dream come true for a player.
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this is for a win and take it to the world series. >> all right. you know, there was such a great experience for so many people here today. so many people came here to the city that some of the streets are in gridlock around civic center plaza, and around the parade route. i tell you this, though. this will be a day that nobody will soon forget. this really was an outpouring of love and unadulterated joy in san francisco. we'll have much more at 6:00. we'll hear from the mvp, pablo sandoval and many others. we'll send it back to you in the studio right now. >> thank you so much, laurence. we'll see you at 6:00. civic center plaza right in front of san francisco city hall. you can see crews working very quickly to tear down the entire set. they're cleaning it up right now. this just wrapped up two hours ago. the stage is already down, and crews are removing everything out of the area. but just a few hours ago, just a couple of hours ago a completely different scene. >> can we do this again next
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season? ♪ san francisco, open your golden gate ♪ >> lots of entertainment today at civic center, including some of the cast members of san francisco's own "beach blanket babylon" that helped with the giants' celebration. at today's ceremony, the giants received a much deserved key to the city. and one other unique gift. henry wofford is live with a look at the celebration. >> reporter: absolutely, janelle. they were expecting that key they're not expecting we'll tell you about in a moment. it's called a broomstick. giants fans are getting spoiled. two huge celebrations in three years. the turnout was unbelievable today. everywhere you look there were fans wearing orange and black. they were loud and proud at the civic center plaza, and so were the giants. >> buster posey! pablo sandoval! ♪
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♪ gangnam style >> we're going to bring it up with the rough, rough, rough, rough -- >> rough, rough, rough, rough. ♪ because we are the champions of the world ♪ >> now that is a party for the world champions. by the way, san francisco mayor ed lee gave the giants a key to the city, as janelle mentioned. but that wasn't the only thing he gave the g-men. the team received a golden broom for sweeping the detroit tigers. we'll have much more on the huge celebration coming up at 6:00. >> so can we do this again next year? is that our game plan? >> we've got it down, you know. >> we were out broadcasting this parade, and we noticed it's such a family affair. you see moms, dads, grandparents, kids. and speaking of the kids and the people at their offices -- >> i know. i think a lot of people were playing hookie today, out of
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school, out of work. they probably should have kept a low profile. but they spoke to our own bob rendell anyway. >> many of these fans had to move heaven and earth to get a spot along market street, waking up at 0 dark thirty. some drives for hours, others packed on bart. others had to even cover their tracks. coming up with a creative excuse, an alibi for where they were actually supposed to be. aren't you guys supposed to be somewhere right now? >> yeah. >> where? >> at school. >> and what did you tell your school? >> i'm at the giants parade. >> you told them the truth? >> yeah. >> sounds like you have a cold. [ coughing ] >> reporter: let me hear it. isn't your son supposed to be getting an education right now? >> he is getting an education. >> reporter: and where are you supposed to be today? >> charter school in morgan hills. >> reporter: and you're here with what excuse? >> the giants are awesome. >> only five kids were supposed to be in class yesterday.
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that's how many kids out of 40 were going to be here. >> reporter: oh you told your teach they're? >> yeah. >> reporter: your teacher was cool? >> no. >> reporter: i told her i was sick. >> good thing she is not watching. >> the best education they can get. and yes, we're all a little choked up today. we asked you early today to share your excitement over the giants by sending in your best celebration photos. and you, our viewers came through in a big way. i posted them on our website. take a look from cute to outrageous to even more cute. here are just a few. these are pictures of viewers submitted through our facebook and twitter pages. this is how you watched the parade, whether you were with us in san francisco on the parade route or at home. many showing off their giants spirit to take part. you can still do it. just tweet them to us at #sfgiantsnbc. >> and nice shot of lucille there. she was out and about. well, the weather managed to hold off for the festivities today.
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but for halloween night, let's check in with jeff. >> plenty of orange out on the streets. right now on the radar, there is a lot of green with our halloween storm starting to move into parts of the north bay. we're going to track this rainfall here coming up later on in the show. here is some of the particulars. rain developing from the north, heading to the south. it's going to be cold, 50s and 60s. hopefully your costume's got lots of layers. so far the south bay will have some of the best trick-or-treat weather. that full seven-day in just a few minutes. >> okay, jeff. we'll see you shortly. thousands of people still trapped in the wake of hurricane sandy as the president touches down in new jersey, a bold move from the governor of new jersey. plus, it was a case that baffled investigators for months. up next, a break in the mysterious case of a woman found dead, stuffed in a trash can.
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a memorable halloween giants style. an estimated one million people celebrating the world series champs. fans lined market street and cheered on the procession before the parade culminated at an emotional ceremony at the civic center plaza. some great shots from our nbc chopper. not surprisingly, this victory parade triggered a surge in the number of commute erts taking bart. video of people streaming into the bart entrances after the celebration ended this afternoon, just a couple hours ago. in fact, the bart stations are still pretty full. now it's the usual rush hour traffic. this morning bart announced that 55,000 people -- 55,000 more people took bart than on an average weekday morning. not surprising once again. ferry saw a spike in ridership as well. this is a line of people waiting for a ferry back across the bay this afternoon. caltrain along the peninsula also had many riders this morning. some of the trains did experience delays, but trains are once again full this late afternoon heading into the evening. >> i saw some long lines outside
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there. the picture was widely distributed online, a man vandalizing a muni bus after the giants won the world series on sunday. that man now has a mug shot. last night police arrested 22-year-old gregory grenus for vandalism. the viral photo generated many leads, identifying the person. smashing the window of the bus with the barricade sunday night. that bus was later set on fire. his mother told the chronicle she is not sure if it's her son, but if it is him, she said perhaps, quote, he got caught up in the moment. shed a added that her son has never be in trouble before. a five-month-old murder case. in may police received a report of a woman's body stuffed in a garbage can. it was only recently they identified the woman as a stockton woman, 25-year-old anna flores pineda after circulating these sketches. tonight they have arrested her
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killer, javier sandoval. they have served a search warrant on flores pineda's home earlier today which she shared with sandoval. police right now are looking for suspects in a double shooting near civic center today in san francisco. it happened on the 200 block of leavenworth street about 2:30 just as the giants celebration was wrapping up. when they arrived they found two young men with gunshot wounds, both transported to the hospital with life threatening injuries. the gang task force has been called in to investigate this crime. but at this point, it does not appear to be related to the giants celebration. the storm waters are starting to relead on the east coast. and with that, the hard realities are starting to set in for millions of people. in new jersey, beachside streets are still flooded and filled with debris. an estimated eight million people are still without power. >> president obama was in new jersey today, touring the devastation caused by sandy. the magnitude of the loss in the entire northeast is staggering. entire communities have been
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wiped out, while others remain under water. the death toll has risen to 62 people. nbc bay area's kimberly tere has more on the president's visit and the latest on the recovery. kimberly? >> raj, the president visited with victims of the superstorm in new jersey. the state where sandy came ashore was hardest hit. after his tour, he pledged federal support for the long haul. president barack obama joined new jersey state governor chris christie to get a firsthand look at what sandy left behind. >> we are here for you. and we will not forget. we will follow up to make sure that you get all the help that you need until you rebuild. >> reporter: a long-time supporter of republican presidential nominee mitt romney, christy is today praising the president's handling of sandy. >> he has worked incredibly closely with me since before the storm hit. i think this is our sixth conversation since the weekend. and it's been a great working relationship to make sure that
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we're doing the jobs that people elected us to do. >> reporter: the loss estimated to be in the billions. in seaside heights on the jersey shore, the boardwalk has been ripped apart. the amusement park there before and after the storm. the roller coaster now in the atlantic ocean. further inland, evacuations continue. >> water is rushing in. water is going by, and you don't know what to do. >> reporter: up north in new york, travel remains chaotic. train and subway service are suspended, and it may be days before they fully resume. while kennedy and newark airport as reopened, la guardia remains shut down. >> runways are flooded, and there are no flights leaving or arriving. how much damage was done to the navigation equipment and lighting around them, we don't know yet. >> reporter: new york mayor michael bloomberg says sandy was a storm of, quote, historic intensity. [ closing bell ] bloomberg says the recovery process is under way. he rang the opening bell at the new york stock exchange after it and much of new york's financial district was shut down for two
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days. president obama says the biggest priority is getting the power back on for the millions who remain without it. in fact, new jersey governor chris christie has postponed halloween trick-or-treating until monday because of the unsafe conditions in his state. kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> okay, kimberly, thank you. let's check on sandy right. now here is chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> thank you, guys. we just wanted to give you an update on where this current system is located. very deadly and historic on so many fronts. it still has winds associated with the storm at 40 miles per hour, currently putting it over western new york. it looks like it's going to push off into canada and continue to dissipate over the next 12 to 18 hours. the floodwater is going to take weeks in some cases to clear on out. let's get you back here home. a lot of you are probably watching the tv real closely saying what is going to happen? is it going to get wet for me? one thing we know is it's cold. 61 in napa right now and 64 in livermore on this halloween
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evening. but we're also looking at this halloween storm getting a lot more motion back behind it. and some forward speed unfortunately for the north bay. the rain is not going to clear out any time soon. some moderate, even ah few pockets of rainfall through santa rosa, right through napa down to san rafael. it's getting real close to san francisco. and what you'll find, let's say you're traveling from santa rosa down to san francisco, maybe somewhere on the peninsula to take your kids trick-or-treating. the roadways are very slick out here. and we're also finding winds 10 to 20 miles per hour. so just take it slow. i know there is a lot going on tonight. i know you're probably putting the kids in the car and everything else that goes with it if you are traveling to another location. it's dry right now on the peninsula, the south bay, and also mainly for the east bay. that's the good news. the heaviest rainfall looks to hold off. we know there is lots of orange out here in san francisco with the world series ticker tape parade. no doubt a lot of people are going to be in the giants costumes for their costume. and for the rest of you here for halloween, here is how it plays out. for the north bay it will be the
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wettest for your trick-or-treat forecast 6:00, 7:00, 8, 9:00, a chance for rain. it will be cold with 50s and low 60s. and to the east and the south bay, the good news, it will be driest there through about 8:00 p.m. then by about 9:00 and 10:00 p.m., the showers will start to move. in let's take you live outside the sky camera network there are some of the showers starting to advance closer to san francisco. we showed you on the radar. let's take you up above from our chopper shot. and you can see right there the lens shaking around with some of this wind, 10 to 20 miles per hour. definitely gets you in the mood for halloween. a little bit of a spooky shot going on from the magical city where the world series ticker tape parade happened today. okay. let's bring you back into the weather boards and what we're going to find for tonight is that heaviest rainfall up into the north bay. it's going to start to push down. so at about 9:00 p.m., some heavier rain near napa, also near san francisco and oakland. but what you'll notice is mainly dry for the east and the south bay. that's when the best trick-or-treating is going to be. as we head throughout 10:00 p.m., it starts to push even
5:20 pm
more to the south. and then as we head throughout tomorrow morning, we're just going to be left with a few residual showers. then eventually some sunshine in here as we head throughout your thursday afternoon. so the heaviest rain is from about now throughout the overnight hours where we could see about a tenth to a quarter inch of rainfall. and overall the north bay is expected to get most of it here from about 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. tonight. as far as your daytime highs go on thursday, upper 60s and also low 70s. and your three-day forecast has temperatures warming up by saturday to mid and upper 70s. and then as we head throughout sunday, yes, some 80-degree temperatures coming our way. so we do get a warm-up in here. and maybe even another storm close by as we head throughout wednesday night of next week. so north bay not great there, but for the east and south bay trick-or-treaters, not too bad tonight. >> still in luck. thanks, jeff. and we fall back this weekend. >> that's right. still to come at 5:00, helping children through one of
5:21 pm
life's trickiest times. how a little bay area boy is bringing halloween cheer to children at an east bay hospital. and our giants coverage continues. we'll have some highlights for you that you may have missed from the parade. stay with us.
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the spirit of halloween is alive and well at kaiser permanente oakland medical center, thanks to a little superhero 6-year-old nico castro, young patients have costumes to wear today. nico himself is fighting cancer, and has spent time in the children's ward. when he found out a break in chemo meant he could celebrate his favorite holiday at home in sam bruno, he couldn't wait. but nico wanted his friends at the hospital to have halloween too. so he began collecting costumes, ultimately receiving more than 160 donations. for patients like sydney burnett, the gift from nico makes the hospital a lot less scary. >> i didn't think i'd be able to celebrate halloween. but now that i have a halloween costume, i think i should go out there and walk.
5:24 pm
>> i just want to shake your hand. you are awesome, little man. >> happy halloween! >> donors from as far away as pennsylvania and arizona contributed costumes to nico's collection. >> i remember we ran this story about a month ago, thinking how awesome it was. and now to see it come full circle is really incredible. >> nice to see the smiles on their faces, going through such a difficult time. >> stay with us. we're back in a moment.
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okay. one more quick look at our halloween forecast. >> cool. it's going to be wet for parts of the bay area, especially up in the north bay. a chance of rain for trick-or-treaters there, all the way through this evening. a chance of rain starting to develop in san francisco at 6:00 p.m. and the best, driest weather for trick-or-treaters will be the east and the south bay with also some low 60s. we'll be tracking that rain coming up in the 6:00 p.m. show. >> okay. stay dry. we'll see you again at 6:00. before we go tonight at 5:00, we
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leave you with a few more smiles from the parade. ♪ ♪ gangnam style >> jon can do it with me too. ♪ ♪ hey, sexy lady ♪ gangnam style >> okay, okay. i can't help it!
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